Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gratitude Journal

I am posting my Gratitude Journal, part of my work in the Secret Abundance Files program, online. I invite you to post your own blessings in the comments section. This is a place where we can all share our gratitude and spread it throughout the Universe.

JULY 18, 2009

- I am grateful to be enjoying Breyers vanilla ice cream on two chocolate cookies -- and to eat whatever I want and still stay slim this summer.

- I am grateful for all my freelance clients who hire me regularly, allowing me to earn the wealth I deserve.

- I am grateful I have a wonderful group of friends and family willing to watch Ashley so I can work.

- I am grateful my writing work is respected and that people are willing to pay top dollar for it.

- I am grateful for the opportunity to mentor new writers and make a difference in their lives.

- I am grateful to be an integral part of the International Masterminds group.

- I am grateful to have a big, beautiful house where people come to visit.

- I am grateful to have all the help I need in keeping my house organized and clean.

July 19, 2009

- I am so very grateful for all the help TJ gives me with housework and the baby.

- I am grateful for my clean and organized kitchen and living room.

- I am grateful for the means to provide Ashley with her own beautiful, comfortable room where she sleeps 10 + hours per night.

- I am grateful for lazy Sunday mornings when I can sleep until 10 AM and then have cookies and coffee for breakfast!

- I am grateful for easy to work with clients like Dr. David Fletcher -- yes, he deserves a special mention. More clients like him come my way every day. In helping David, I help to spread God's Word and make life better for people on another continent, as well, through my work with ACA India. I am grateful to have him as a Christian mentor, as well.

- I am grateful to have the means to donate a portion of my income to causes like ACA and its missionary programs.

- I am grateful for the positive people in my life, like Serf and Lori and TJ and Jen and JS. The Universe is sending more and more positive people my way as I make room for them in my life. I am grateful for new online acquaintances like LaylaBeth, Deb, Cindy Hartman, and Tracey Tarrant who join me on my quest for abundance.

July 20, 2009

- I am grateful to have many visitors to this blog so that I can share my journey of abundance.

- I am grateful TJ got a headstart on packing yesterday, and for a smooth, uneventful move.

- I am grateful for all the positive people I am attracting into my life.

- I am grateful for this beautiful day, French toast for breakfast with my daughter, and for living just a short walk away from the beach (for now.)

- I am grateful to live on an island that provides the best of everything: the beach, shopping, and less than an hour away from the greatest city in the world!

July 21, 2009

- I am grateful for the income that flows into my life regularly.

- I am grateful for all TJ's help around the house and with Ashley.

- I am grateful that our mortgage package is at the Underwriters and everything is going smoothly. I am grateful that the purchase of our home will go so well.

July 23, 2009

- My home is organized and clean -- a place people love to come visit.

- I am in good health, full of energy and am making at least $200 per day with my freelance writing business.

- I am grateful for all TJ's help around the house and with Ashley. His help keeps our home looking clean, organized and friendly to visitors.

July 28, 2009

- I am so grateful that Simon Gabriel celebrates his FIRST BIRTHDAY today -- and for friends like Mysti and Rebecca, with whom I share so much. I am grateful to have the means to recognize Simon's special day with support for March of Dimes.

- I am blessed to be able to use my writing gifts to help ACA and Christian companies like Faithful Fish.

- I am grateful for my mentor, JS, who has given me so much that I find it hard to express just how much she's impacted my life. I take heart in knowing that she knows. :)

- I am so fortunate to be blessed with a beautiful four bedroom house in a beautiful, friendly suburb, with enough room for a garden, an office and an amazing home theatre. (hey... well! I deserve it).



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